420 (Cannabis) - Friendly Antonito, Colorado

420 - Friendly Hotel Rooms

Shop across the street, partake in the privacy of your room

Are you seeking the ultimate 420 experience? Look no further than Antonito, Colorado! Our relaxed, 420-friendly town offers you a choice of recreational marijuana dispensaries--all just across the street from the Steam Train Hotel! We highly recoomend 420 Green Genie!

If you would like to book a 420-friendly room, please let us know when you call. There are a few state restrictions (no children allowed in 420-friendly rooms) and we can go over these when you make your reservation to ensure we provide you with the ultimate legal marijuana lodging experience.

As with our all our hotel rooms, rates for 420-rooms start at $109.



Charming, homelike rooms with your choice of bed sizes. Please let us know what you prefer when you call to make your reservation. We will do our best to find the perfect room for you.


We have a few rooms with two beds. One of these rooms is also reputed to have a resident ghost. Ask when you book if this room is available for a potentially hair-raising 420-experience!


Beautiful old-style rooms with cooking facilities. You'll find charming furnishings, comfortable beds and everything you need to prepare meals. Completely stocked with pots and pans, plates and even the kitchen sink. Really.

420-Friendly Only

Please note that while you may partake in your enjoyment of marijuana in any form you choose in our 420-friendly rooms, we do not allow smoking of tobacco in any room. Just weed.

Ground-Level Easy Access Suite

This spacious, ground-level double suite features a roll-in shower. You'll find every amenity for preparing delicious meals. A perfect choice if stairs are a challenge. We'll let you know if it is available when you call to make your reservation.

Additional Things to Note

You may rent a Silver Surfer Vaporizer to use during your stay. Please let us know when you book.

We only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

We take American Express, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, cash and checks.

Just a Few More Details

Pets. We offer a few pet-friendly rooms. A pet deposit is required. Please let us know if Fido will be traveling with you when you make your reservation.

420-Friendly. You may rent a Silver Surfer Vaporizer to use in the privacy of your 420-friendly room. Vaporizers do not emit any smoke, maintaining all of our rooms as smoke-free. We do not allow smoking of joints, bongs, pipes, or any other type of smoking of marijunana or hash in any public areas of the main hotel or in a room not specically identified as a 420-friendly room. Not to give you a bad head trip; but, those who disregard this requirement will be required to pay a $250 smoke-damage cleaning fee and could be subject to penalties associated with non-compliance of state recreational marijuana use laws.

If you would like, let us know when you register and we will book you in one of our 420-Friendly rooms. You may smoke marijuana in these rooms.

Again, please note that by state law, you may not smoke marijuana outside on our deck or in any public location within the hotel. You may not smoke marijuana in any of the main hotel rooms where smoke could affect guests who are not as enthusiastic about a toke or two. We don't mean this to be a bummer. Just trying to give you a friendly heads-up on what's legal in Colorado and what's not. You can learn more about youth and marijuana at Good to Know, Colorado.

Smoking. All of the rooms in the main portion of the hotel are smoke-free. Smoking cigarettes is allowed on our rooftop patio and near the outside fire pit. If you choose to smoke tobacco or weed in a non-420-Friendly room, you will be charged a $250 smoke-damage cleaning fee.

Occupancy. Most rooms, except as noted, are designed to accomodate two adults or one adult and one child. If your booking needs to provide accomodation for additional guests in each room, please let us know and we will do our best to make arrangements for you. An additional fee per person may apply.

Extended stay rates. Call for long-term or contractor rates.

We want your stay to be exceptional. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you! Don't hesitate to call with special requests or accomodation needs.

Our goal is to be the best accomodation available not only in Antonito, Colorado, but in our region of South Central Colorado.